Varney for Sheriff/Coroner 2014 Endorsements

Listed alphabetically by last name, occupation listed after the hyphen. Titles listed as allowed by endorsing party or their employer.


American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees/Madera Co. Employees Assoc.
California Peace Officers Association
California Police Chiefs Association
Central California Correctional Peace Officer’s Association
Chowchilla Police Officers Association
Fresno Deputy Sheriffs Association (FDSA)
Madera Deputy Sheriffs Association
Madera Police Officers Association
Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC)

Law Enforcement and Government Leaders

Andrew Alvardo- Superintendent Golden Valley Unified School District
Lisa Anderson- Fire Battalion Chief (retired)
Frank Benard, Undersheriff Madera S. O. (retired)
Gary E. Brown- Monterey CA Police Chief (retired); Former Chowchilla Police Chief
John Chavez- Baker/Mayor Pro Term, City of Chowchilla
Ruben Chavez- Chief of Police, Livingston Police Dept.Steve Frazier- Law Enforcement Professional
Ronn Dominici- Retired Highway Patrol Officer and 3 time Chairman of the Madera Board of Supervisors
Isaac Jackson- Chowchilla City Councilmember/Tech Lead at Foster Farms Poultry
Jon Lopey- Sheriff, Siskiyou County
Dr. Charles Martin- Superintendent of Chowchilla Elementary School District
Tommy Martin- Retired Police Commander/Cattle Rancher
David Paris- Law Enforcement Professional
Robert Poythress- Mayor, City of Madera/Banking
Derek O. Robinson- Madera Councilmember
Richard Walker- Pastor/ Mayor, City of Chowchilla
Shirlie Jones- Real Estate Broker
John Kampschmidt- Medical Field
Ronald Lawson- Retired/Veteran/Chowchilla Planning Commission Member (retired)
Cathey Lloyd- Self-Employed
Jon Lopey- Sheriff Siskiyou County
Candi and Don MacAlpine- Madera PD of Oakhurst (retired)
Dan Maddalena- Farmer
Vera McClure- Senior Banker
Gerald McDougal- Retired
Brian Mott- Pastor
Jose J Munera- Case Worker
Grace Munera- HR Manager
Guadalupe Mendoza- Massage Therapist
Michele Pecina- National University Faculty
Carol Poythress- Teacher
Sheri Ramos- Secretary
Kent Ridge- Business Owner
Ollia Ridge- Retired
John Scurfield
Nellie Serna- Library Branch Manager
Gerald & Nellis Schoonhoven- Almond Growers
Monica Solis- Program Assistant II
Alfred & Reis Soares- Dairy Producers
Marilyn Tolmachoff- Realtor
Nick Tolmachoff- Farmer
Steve Magarian- Fresno County Sheriff (retired)
Tommy Martin- Police Commander (retired) Merced PD and Cattle Rancher

Community Members

David Alexander- Insurance Agent/Former Mayor of Chowchilla
Deborah Babshoff- Secretary to School Superintendent
Sharon Bump- Banker
Bruce Chapman- Farmer
Charlotte Chapman- Homemaker
David Cattuzzo- Professional Wet Cleaner
Jim Cobb- Farmer
Art DeJager- Dairyman
Edgar & Bev DeJager- Farmers
Stephanie Eatmon- PR Chowchilla Fair
Craig Farmer- Business Owner
Illene Foster- School Secretary
Ana Garibay- Grad Student
Charles German- Auto Body Repair
Molly Gilbert- Miss Madera 2013
Ronald Harris- Retired, Former multi-term Mayor, City of Chowchilla
Eric & Peggy Haupt- Business Owners
Harry Haynes- Farmer
Richard & Gerrilyn Iest- Dairy Farmers
Glen Igo- U. S. Navy (retired), 2002 Mayor, City of Chowchilla
Brian & Seventhia Johnston- Beekeeper
Candi MacAlpine- Ministry
Don MacAlpine- Retired Madera PD Sgt.
Tamara Thomas- Business Owner
Scott Thomson- Architect
John Troost- Dairy Farmer
Bob Winslow- Retired
Marsha Vaz- Goat Dairy Owner
Virginia Vick- Retired
Loren York- Education Professional
Wendy York- Decorative Artist
Gene Blocher- Landmark Irrigation
Rhome Desbiens- Desbiens Gun


Chief Ruben Chavez- Livingston Police Department
“Jay Varney is a strong community leader and a man of impeccable integrity which are outstanding attributes needed to be the Sheriff of Madera County”

Jon Lopey- Sheriff Siskiyou County
“Chief Varney is an intelligent, hard-working, innovative, tenured law enforcement administrator with many years of valuable experience. He is an outstanding candidate for Sheriff of Madera County. I know of no better candidate to replace my friend and colleague, Sheriff John Anderson.”

Tommy Martin- Police Commander (retired) Merced PD and Cattle Rancher
“There is clearly a separation between Jay and the other candidate. Jay is the candidate that brings the experience of working the streets of several major US cities as a crime fighter and the administrative skills borne from his time as a Chief of Police and Acting City Administrator.”