The Issues

What do you think are the biggest issues facing the county that you plan to address if elected as sheriff? How will you address these issues?
As I talk with Madera County citizens the issues they are most concerned about are: Service response times, marijuana grows and drug activity near their residences or places of business, metal theft, gang activity, and protection of their 2nd Amendment rights.To address these crime concerns I intend to:

To improve resource availability to combat serious crime we will be continuing to restore vacant deputy positions through advocating for additional general fund allotments, pursuing grant funding, and through utilization of a portion of the sheriff’s allotted rural county funds to improve staffing levels.

Rebuilding the reserve deputy corps will also be a priority for my administration. Utilization of reserve officers to assist full time deputies in providing enforcement services countywide is vital. A well-trained reserve deputy corps will also help stabilize the level of service offered by the MSO.

The establishment of a cadet program will also provide additional resources that can assist the deputies and full time non-sworn personnel in providing service to Madera County, while providing a needed pool of qualified candidates for future sworn and non-sworn openings.

Emphasizing increased use of technology to get the maximum effective use from our best resource-our employees- will be necessary as well. This will be accomplished by implementing an on-line reporting process that citizens can utilize if they desire to. Increasing the use of public/private partnerships that improve law enforcement service delivery will also be necessary. Access to existing cameras via agreements with the owners, and instituting a sheriff’s foundation to increase funding for resources such as the Citizen’s on Patrol volunteers are two methods to increase this partnership. In Chowchilla we have been partnering with local service clubs for 10 years to raise the necessary additional funding for our K9 unit. A sheriff’s foundation functions in much the same way.

To help stem the demand for law enforcement services, I will improve efforts to assist with prevention and intervention programs that will deter our youth from entering into a drug or gang lifestyle. Greater cooperation with our county service providers and regional partners in providing mentoring, educational, and faith based programs that have proven effective in redirecting our young people into productive lifestyles is my goal.

Under my leadership, the sheriff’s office will focus on citizen safety and protection of citizen rights as provided by the California, and United States Constitution. Issuance of CCW permits will remain available to law-abiding citizens without prior felony convictions or proven mental infirmities. Successful completion of the required application, fee payment and demonstration of firearms safety and proficiency will remain a required portion of the process. I will be reviewing the renewal process to determine what improvements could be made in this process at the county and state level.